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 We all recognise that staff turnover is often destructive, time consuming and costly but often not high on the "must fix" list of leadership teams. The Turnover Cost Calculator provides a structure to establish the costs associated with staff turnover. It also shows you how much money can be saved for every % reduction in resignations. The results will help you create a compelling financial business case and convince others that engagement is more than a "nice to have" - it is a financial must.


Simply fill in the form below, if you don’t have this data to hand you can still use the calculator and use best estimates to give you a guide. Change currency here.

a. Number of Staff


b. Approximate Staff Turnover %

c. External Recruitment Costs (per head)


d. Internal Recruitment Costs (per head)


e. Training Investment (per head)


f. Average Salary


g. Time to Reach Average Performance (weeks):


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