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 Whilst our service is part of the "new breed" of web based services it doesn't mean that you should expect anything less than fantastic support at all times. We are committed to ensuring that you are absolutely satisfied with LastOpinion.

To achieve this we always value any feedback that you can provide, even the smallest observation is much appreciated.

"Support" is a very broad term that means many things in the world of technology, so we felt it important to be as clear as possible:

  • Our systems are extremely reliable; we rarely suffer from breaks in service, it might be worth checking with your IT Team or Internet Service Provider if you have any problems accessing our services.

  • Below we have created a range of factsheets/ resources that will take you step by step through the system and service, and whilst we do realise most people prefer to dive straight in, please do take a look.

Supporting Factsheets

Enabling Web Access & Successful Email Delivery
If you are thinking of using LastOpinion within your organisation you may need to 'whitelist' us. Download this factsheet Document opens in new window [PDF, 170Kb] for more information.

Communicating New Exit Process
Some summary information for key stakeholders in your organisation can be found here Document opens in new window [PDF, 380Kb].

Using the Candidate Manager
Download the English version of our system user guide here Document opens in new window [PDF, 380Kb].

Tips for Raising Completion Rates
The purpose of this factsheet Document opens in new window [PDF, 240Kb] is to provide practical information and tips on how to raise the numbers of leavers completing the exit questionnaire.


Need additional information? Please call Customer Services on +44 (0) 333 012 4649

Organisations using our services include:

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