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 LastOpinion is a complete leaver data collection and reporting service that can be customised to meet your needs. It gathers feedback from leavers wherever they are, using any device. At the practical level, the amount of time & effort directed towards the collection and collation of leaver feedback is reduced significantly. As well as simplifying your internal processes, the quality of data and insight will drive your employee engagement and reduce turnover.

Our questionnaires are based on a thoroughly researched and proven model of employee engagement and retention.

But rather than listen to us telling you how good it is, you can create an account and trial the service to see for yourself - free of charge for 30 days. Trial it with people who are currently leaving or have recently left your organisation.

Example Reports

  • Personal Exit Reports
    These report enables HR to focus on the drivers that caused an individual to resign from their job. It has been designed so that it can be used with an individual leaver (to support a traditional face-to-face exit interview) or in conjunction with leaver analysis reports. Personal reports are not available where anonymous questionnaires are used.

    » View example personal report

  • Leaver Analysis Reports
    These reports identify trends and themes in specific leaving groups - allowing you to focus on teams/departments/divisions, job roles and levels, issues around equality and why your talent is leaving.

    » View example leaver analysis report

  • Comparison & Data Extract Reports
    These reports allow comparisons across teams/departments/divisions, for differences in gender and ethnic origin and for any demographic that is collected. These reports are delivered in a spreadsheet so deeper analysis can be performed by HR specialists and incorporated easily into your dashboard analytics and reporting.


What will you get when you sign-up?

We create a leaver management system for your organisation. This web-based service provides you with secure access to your LastOpinion Account. You simply login to add the details of your leaver, press a button and a nicely presented email is sent out on your behalf.

  • The leaver management system allows you to view all completed and pending exit interviews within the system.
  • We send automatic reminder emails to leavers who have not completed the exit interview.
  • You have the ability to generate leaving reports that compare reasons for leaving with external benchmarks.
  • We provide monthly summary of leavers and completion rates.
  • We provide you with all the materials (including user guides) that you need to be able to use the LastOpinion service.
  • Information packs are provided with all the briefing materials you need to share your new approach to collecting exit data in your organisation.

If you have any questions at all please call customer services on +44 (0) 333 012 4649.


We have vast experience in delivering LastOpinion across many different types of organisations and industry sectors, across Europe and globally. This list gives you a flavour of what is possible:

  • Capture data anonymously or produce personal reports.
  • Change the biographical sections of the questionnaire to reflect your organisational structure, add in new questions or even have your content and questions.
  • Change all emails to reflect your brand’s tone.
  • Brand the service and make it feel like an internal application.
  • For process, create ‘drop-in’ web pages, paper-based questionnaires, or manage a phone based process.
  • Outsource the administration process completely to us via partial or complete systems integration.

Outline costs for customisation can be found here.

The Benefits of LastOpinion

1. Save time

  • Our user-friendly system makes managing leavers easy and reports are available in seconds.
  • We automatically chase leavers to complete the questionnaires.
  • We email you when exit interviews are completed.
  • You and your team spend less time in face-to-face exit interviews.
  • We create more time for you to focus on people you really can't afford to lose, whilst giving every leaver a chance to give feedback.

2. Save money

  • Providing a consistent method of understanding employee turnover provides the insight to reduce attrition, recruitment costs and makes your organisation perform better.
  • Produce standardised exit reports at a fraction of manual reporting costs.
  • Reduce admin burden and associated costs. (Have you ever actually added up how much leaver administration costs your organisation?)

3. Collect better data

  • Our reports don't just provide the numbers, they will give you actionable insight.
  • We have a proven model that accurately describes the reasons why people leave and is used globally by highly respected organisations.
  • The process of exit data collection is objective and reliable.
  • Monitor equal opportunities/diversity, work-life balance and identify harassment/bullying issues.
  • Open-ended feedback allows the leaver to describe the strengths and weaknesses of your organisation in their own words.

Organisations using our services include:

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