Model of employee engagement & retention

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The Job

Personal Growth

This area deals with how leavers felt about their personal development. It includes the extent to which they have learnt and developed their potential and the extent to which the organisation has supported their growth.

Job Satisfaction

This section measures the amount of intrinsic satisfaction the leavers experienced actually performing their roles in your organisation. This includes how important, interesting and enjoyable they found their work.


This area measures the extent to which leavers felt free to organise their own work and set their own goals and use their initiative and innovation by experimenting with different ways of working
The People


This area concerns how leavers felt about their relationships with their colleagues and team members in terms of dependability, value, level of contribution and wider cooperation.

Vertical Relationship

This area concerns the relationships leavers had with their manager (or supervisor). This includes whether the relationship was founded on mutual respect, and whether the respondents felt they could depend on the support and feedback of their manager.

The Transaction

Salary & Rewards

This area measures how the leavers felt about the salary, benefits and other rewards they received. It includes whether they perceived the reward systems as fair and appropriate, and how they felt about the link between performance and reward.

Career Progression

This area measures how satisfied leavers were with advancement within the organisation, in terms of promotion and career progression, including perceived opportunity and clarity of career paths.

Loyalty & Trust

This area measures whether the leavers felt the relationship between employees and the organisation was based on loyalty and trust.

The Organisation

Organisational Confidence

This area is about the amount of confidence leavers placed in the leadership of your organisation, including perceptions of decision-making by senior management. In addition, it measures how leavers perceived the competence of their co-workers and the future success of your organisation.

Ethical Standards

This section concerns how leavers perceived your organisation’s ethical standards and the extent to which the organisation encourages equal opportunities and diversity and treats employees with fairness and respect.

The Environment


This area concerns the impact of the job on leavers, both physically and emotionally. It includes how stressful the leavers perceived the demands of the job, the extent to which they felt able to cope and the impact on their overall work-life balance.

Working Conditions

This area concerns the physical and procedural conditions of working in your organisation. It measures how comfortable and safe the leavers perceived the workplace, and the quality and reliability of the equipment provided for them to perform their jobs.

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